Qui a épousé Kamehime?

Okudaira Nobumasa a épousé Kamehime .


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Kamehime (亀姫, 27 July 1560 – 1 August 1625) was a Japanese woman from the Sengoku period. She was the eldest daughter of Tokugawa Ieyasu with his wife, Lady Tsukiyama.

She married Okudaira Nobumasa and he was given Nagashino Castle. She is known to have acted actively in the siege of Nagashino. Kamehime helped her husband and send Torii Suneemon on the mission to cross the enemy army to request aid to her father, Ieyasu in Okazaki and defended the Nagashino castle.

After Ieyasu's death she had a large part in the overthrow of Honda Masazumi, whom she disliked.

In 1625, Kamehime died at age 66. Her Buddhist name was Seitokuin and her remains were buried in Kokoku-ji Temple.

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Okudaira Nobumasa

Okudaira Nobumasa

Okudaira Nobumasa (奥平 信昌, 1555-) est un daimyo de l'époque Sengoku et du début de l'époque d'Edo. Sa famille estimait être originaire de la province de Mikawa. Le clan descendait de Murakami-Genji par l'intermédiaire des Akamatsu.

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